Thames Church of Christ Then and Now – a History

Thames Church of Christ banner

The Thames Church of Christ Life & Advent held its first meeting in the Oddfellows Lodge Hall, in Richmond Street on Sunday 23rd July, 1882 and later worshipped in the former Munster Hotel on the corner of Pollen and Richmond Streets—diagonally opposite the Brian Boru Hotel. In 1922 it moved to Sealey Street and in 1978 moved again to its present home in Parawai Road, opposite Reservoir Road.

The Church continues to maintain a strong witness to the Divine Inspiration of the Scriptures, to personal acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour as an essential to Christian faith, to the Unconscious state of the Dead and the Return of the Lord Jesus as the Hope of the Church, when the saints will be translated to Eternal Life.
In 1994, the national organization for the Churches of Christ Life & Advent ceased and several of the churches opted to join the Baptist Union. The Thames and Takanini Churches affiliated with the Advent Christian Conference of New Zealand in 1997.

While the congregation of the Sunday morning service has been small this has not prevented us from being actively involved in the international mission work of the Advent Christian Churches, both prayerfully and financially.

Our Sunday services have been taken by Honorary Pastor Doug Campbell and Brothers Terry Burchell & Ron Laing—along with visiting speakers from Takanini and Hamilton Churches, and other former Church of Christ members. We also share services at two retirement homes with other local churches. A regular fortnightly Bible Study was held in the Burchell’s home led by Pastor David Burge of Takanini.

After years of faithful service Brother Doug Campbell felt it was time to retire from the honorary pastorate. We were looking to the Lord God to guide us in our plans and to provide for the future.

Jehovah Jireh – God Provides!

During the 125th Anniversary celebrations of the church in July 2007 former Thames resident, Gavin McIntosh – who was led to the Lord by Doug Campbell – approached leadership regarding pastoring the church.
This was an incredible answer to prayer after years of prayer. God is truly faithful!
Gavin and Alison moved to Thames and joined the church as pastoral workers in January 2008.