Good News for Today

There is a New World Coming!

Turn on the TV, read the newspaper, listen to the radio – You will see our world is just as Jesus said it would be: kingdom rises up against kingdom, nation against nation. Wherever you turn you hear of wars and rumours of wars. The politicians and soldiers of this world, try as they might, are pretty much powerless to do anything about it.
That’s the bad news !
The good news is that there is a better world coming!

The Gospel According to Jesus

Almost 2000 years ago Jesus came proclaiming a message that is still known today as “the good news”. The good news or gospel according to Jesus is that:

  • God will fulfil his promise to overthrow all the corrupt kingdoms of this world and replace them with a kingdom of everlasting righteousness¬†(Daniel chapter 2; and 7: 13-14, 27).
  • Jesus Christ is the long promised King of that coming kingdom (John 8:24,Luke 23:2-3, Matthew 27: 11).
  • By his death, burial. resurrection and ascension into heaven Jesus made away for us to reign forever with Him in that coming kingdom (1 Corinthians 15:3-8, 50-57 c.f. 6:2).
  • We now look for a literal, personal, visible return of Christ to resurrect the sleeping dead, to immortalize the faithful living, to destroy evil and evil doers, and to reign forever on a renewed heaven and earth (1 Corinthians 15; 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-17, Revelation 21-22).
  • Our response to this word determines our destiny (Luke 8: 12).

Our Response to The Gospel

  • We need to turn from selfish ways to the way of God. That Is repentance (Ecclesiastes 7:20. Romans. 3:23, Acts 17:30).
  • We must accept Jesus’ kingdom message and accept him as both our Sin-bearer and our Sovereign. That is what it means to believe in him (Luke 8: 15, Matthew 13:23,John 8:24).
  • We show our acceptance of his message by publicly confessing him as Lord and being immersed in water.That is baptism (Romans 10:9-10, Matthew 10:32-33, Acts 2:41. 9:9,17-19,16:33).
  • We are to live out the teachings of Messiah Jesus until we sleep in death or until Jesus comes again. That is faithfulness (2 TImothy 4:6-8, Matthew 24: 13).
  • We must all go through many trials to enter the kingdom of God (Acts 14:22).That is perseverance. No one can promise you an easy life in this world. Jesus has promised a better world is coming – you can be a part of it, if you will follow him.

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